Is The FDA Killing Us With BPA?

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What do all these items have in common along with so many others? Items that we consumers buy and use everyday. They all contain the chemical BPA (bisphenol-A).  Items containing BPA when  heated in the microwave leach out potentially toxic levels of the chemical.

BPA is an endocrine disruptor, meaning it mimics or interferes with human hormones wreaking havoc on our reproductive, neurologic and immune systems.  BPA exposure has also been linked with developmenal abnormalities, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and possibly cancer.  The verdict is still out on the cancer issue, but I’m sure Cheryl Crow will debate you on that one.

One would think all this information came from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Because they have our best interests at heart…right?  Wrong!  The FDA said at one time “BPA is not harmful to humans.”  Actually, two investigative journalists at the Milwaukee Journal- Sentinel conducted an analysis and did a cover blowing story on BPA and the FDA’s research on the chemical ( see video below.)  It was because of this story that the FDA is going to “re-evaluate” BPA, with yours and my tax dollars no doubt.

The FDA is nothing more than another government run entity using up our tax dollars, hiring inside scientists and physicians to conduct costly studies, and at their discretion sway the research and results to come out in such a way that makes it economically beneficial for them.  Or simply put, those assholes are supposed to be looking out for our health by making sure products and drugs don’t harm or kill us.  In this country it all boils down to the almighty dollar! It’s also said that with the administrative heads at the FDA currently, it’s highly unlikely that anything will change. One would hope that Obama will replace the heads of this regulatory agency. Yeah right!

Okay, I wouldn’t go that far!

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1.) Do you think BPA in our plastic is harmful to us?

2.) Do you trust the FDA when it comes to our health?

3.) Will this information make you stop and think the next time you go to put plastic in the microwave?

Worst Fear Imagined

Can you imagine?  When I first moved to south Florida three years ago I was adamant about not going in the water because of my fear of sharks.  I was slowly coaxed over that fear and had even gone snorkeling in the Bahamas where I thought I might have seen a shark and I panicked. Just When I Thought It Was Safe.

Ultimately nothing happened.  I was rescued by a life guard on a jet ski.  I’m still not sure if I had seen a shark or a barracuda. To me it didn’t matter. Fear is fear.  Last week that fear surfaced again when I saw on the news that a kiteboarder was killed an hour north of Ft. Lauderdale in Stuart, Florida,  from injuries sustained by multiple sharks believed to be juvenile Great Whites by some.

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Last summer I stumbled across  a fisherman’s blog here in Ft. Lauderdale, because I was googling Great White’s after Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  The story read that a Great White was spotted last Spring a half mile off the coastline of  Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  The people that chartered the fishing boat and the owner of the fishing boat were able to get close enough to see it was definitely a Great White. 

New information is surfacing that juvenile Great Whites migrate here to the warmer water.  According to Scientist Grant Gilmore who investigated a 1998 fatality here, who said the bite wounds could be compared AND determined to characteristic bite patterns of a specific species.  He also told the Sun Sentinel ” The only other species that gathers in abundance out there in the winter are the juvenile great white sharks.”  No word on the fatal bite wounds yet.

As you probably noticed the video above didn’t mention what type of sharks were thought to have attacked him. The  story also didn’t report that the next day,  in Palm Beach Inlet, not far from where the attack occurred,  hundreds of sharks were spotted along the shore. I found these photos online while I was searching for videos of the story.

PALM BEACH - A school of sharks swim along the shore just south of Palm Beach Inlet on Thursday.

PALM BEACH - A school of sharks swim just south of the Palm Beach Inlet on Thursday.

PALM BEACH - A school of sharks swim along the shore just south of Palm Beach Inlet on Thursday.

(photos by Deborah Silver)

1.) Do you think these were juvenile Great Whites?

2.) Would one fatality known to be an ambush attack scare you enough to stay out of the water?

3.) Do you think the media hides information like this from us to not cause  panic or keep tourists away?


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What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to scare someone?

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