Strike A Pose…Then Get Your Ass Back To Class!


Is there anything better or more memorable than School Picture Day? I think not.  It’s a common bond we all share. Who doesn’t have a least one bad school picture? The parents would take you out the night before to make sure you had picture worthy attire. Remember?  Or if you came from a big family like I did, you might get to wear one of your older siblings’ hand-me-downs for the special occasion.  Like that girl above. Or boy?

Thing is,  it never mattered what you were wearing.  You could be dressed to the nines in a Versace ensemble.  Invariably, something was bound to go wrong the moment the picture snapped and the bright flash blinded you until half way through math class. 

Odds are even before the picture snapped you probably suffered some dilemma before school or on the bus that had you destined for the “Bad School Picture Wall of Fame.”  The huge pus filled zit smack dab in the middle of your nose was always a classic.  Trying to pop it only made it more inflamed and bigger.  Or as you sat quietly still on the bus trying not to move a hair, a fight busted out and you happened to be in the direct line of punching and scratching.  Nothing says “say cheese!” better than a swollen eye and scratched face.  My personal favorite was the new hairdo that my mom decided to try on me the night before.  Except, she took the rollers out too late the next morning and there was no time to fix the Oompa Loompa do I was sporting minus the bad orange- leathery tan and white overall knickers.

The only thing worse than knowing you took a bad photo was waiting to get the monstrosity back to see what the real damage was.  Oh how the teachers must have enjoyed passing them out in the see through envelopes, as all your classmates looked on anxiously awaiting their doom.   Of course every parent had ordered the biggest and most expensive package available.  What the hell does one person do with 200 wallet size photos?  That’s right…pass them out among your school mates and let the insults begin. 

Your only real consolation was knowing that in a few months Group Picture Day was coming up.  Never did one picture hold so much fun! 

What was your worst School Picture Day Memory?

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0 thoughts on “Strike A Pose…Then Get Your Ass Back To Class!

    • Jean, but look at you now baby! You’re one hot mama 😉
      I’m not kidding about the oopma loopma thing my hair looked exactly like the ones in the pic above. When I pointed it out to my mom she busted out laughing and said “oh my god, you do!” She was laughing hysterically, I however, didn’t think is was so funny!

  1. Hahah so true! I, in 8th grade, decided screw it. I’m gonna fight the man. I had my mother write me a note (yes i did.) that said I was allowed to put a thumbs up in my photo. I just wanted to stand out from the crowd. Well, they wouldn’t let me. I tried arguing it (stubborn, attention whore of a child) so then the principal near by had to step in and watched me take my photo. All very traumatizing and needless to say I look displeased in my photo. I think it’s the reason I literally do a thumbs up in most photos now…scarring..

    • Casspaz, I really enjoyed that little story. How pissed were you that they denied you you’re fright to freedom of expression? Nowadays you coulda sued the bastards and won!
      Thanks for dropping by. I was taking a peek this am @ your blog so I’m going to head on over now and read a few of them.

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