A Visit Home

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new blog. Doubt I’ve even been missed. Frankly, I blog for my own self indulgence and self psychological therapy. It saves buttloads of money from having to pay a therapist who probably has just as many, if not more probems than I do. Probably.

I went home for a couple of reasons. One, I knew my Marine son was due to return home from a 7 month tour in Afghanistan and to escort my beautiful daughter on the field at Senior Soccer Night.  Of course, seeing my crazy funny  loving family was an added bonus.  There always seems to be a sister MIA when we snap a photo anymore.  My sister Debbie is missing. She was taking homecoming photos with her son.

It was good seeing my parents again too.  My Mom still looks great and has great skin for her age.  Only means great things for me and my sisters.

Truth be told I was a bit nervous. I haven’t seen my children’s Father in a few years.  We both had to escort her out on the field.   It went off without a hitch. Great for everyone involved.  I’m so proud of my both my kids. Given their childhood circumstances they’ve both turned out to be  great, responsible, and ambitious young adults.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year too.  Living in south Florida, we don’t get much of a Fall season here. It was great to see the change of leaves.

Also, you just don’t see this where I live. 

I didn’t get to see my son’s return. I literally missed him by two days.  I knew that could be the case. For our troops’ safety they don’t really give us exact dates when family members return from overseas.

His first tour in Iraq I was able to be home for his return.  This time around the Columbus holiday held up their return.  Their base in San Diego was on a 96 hour leave for the holiday. That sucked ass! Bummed me the hell out, but I know I’ll get to see him as soon as it is feasible for both our schedules.

That’s his Aunt Linda and Dad hugging him.

All wasn’t lost however.  The local news crew was there and caught the moments I didn’t get to see with my own eyes all on video. Sometimes, things just work out.  I really enjoyed my visit home. It was great seeing my family and spending quality time with them all.  As for my kids, I never seem to get enough quality time in with them.  Sure do miss them.

I couldn’t get the video up so here is the link to watch for anyone interested. So sweet to see him hug his girlfriend and hear his voice.  My son is Cpl Nicholas Marchese USMC  So proud of him!

Thanks for reading and watching.

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