Rolo Pretzel Turtle Recipe Easiest Holiday Recipe Ever!

The Holiday Season is stressful enough with all the extra errands and running around for gifts, holiday parties, post office trips etc. I Love LOVE love the holidays, but I’m all about saving time on cleaning, decorating, baking and errands, so there is more time to enjoy activities with family and friends.

So it’s nice to have a Holiday Recipe that doesn’t eat up a lot of your time. Instead, you’ll be eating this one up in no time and your holiday guests will thank you for it.

Rolo Pretzel Turtles

What you will need

1. Bag of Rolos chocolate covered caramels

2. Bag of Mini Pretzels

3. A can of your favorite Peanuts (Pecans, Cashews, etc)


Preheat Oven to 300 degrees. Lay parchment paper over a cookie sheet. Put down mini-pretzels and unwrap and place a Rolo over top of the pretzel. Place in oven for 4 minutes.  Take out of the oven and while still ooey gooey warm place your favorite Peanut on top.  Cool completely before storing away. If serving warm, make sure you don’t scald your guests palates or tongues.  No one likes a trip to the ER during the Holidays!

And Viola! You now have an exquisite holiday treat to serve your guests that took no time at all.  Mmmmm sweet and salty!

Personally, I prefer to use cashews. Pecans remind me of Palmetto bugs!

I hate Palmetto bugs! Leave it to me to ruin a perfectly good holiday recipe!

Stay tuned for more quick and easy holiday treat recipes.

Happy Holidays from my (small) kitchen to yours!

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  1. avatar

    Yum! That sounds so easy and delicious.
    Tom is allergic to pecans, so we won’t be using those.
    I can see the girls helping me prepare these. Thank you, Sherri!

  2. avatar

    Jean, I won’t be using Pecans either…lol. You can use just about anything your creative mind can come up with. My boyfriend isn’t a big pretzel fan so I’ll be using cashews in place of the pretzel.

    Enjoy. Your girls seem to love holiday activities and baking projects. Hey, I have an awesome recipe for Peppermint Martini’s that a male co-worker shared with me yesterday. Interested? It’s time for one of your holiday drink recipe vlogs!

  3. avatar

    Okay I’ll email you the recipe in a bit. I’m off to run some of those holiday errands.

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