Christmas Eve 2010

This month has literally been a blur. From the time the Turkey carcass was tossed out, the Holiday rush to get things done has been on! I don’t know about you, but I’ve barely had time to breathe let alone write a blog.

Although, I did manage to get a few in since Thanksgiving, which I think were quite useful.  Who doesn’t love Chocolate Peppermint Martini’s and Rolo Pretzel Turtles ?

Not only has this month been a whirlwind trying to prepare for the Holidays, we have had overnight guests every weekend since the beginning of the month.  I’m not complaining, it’s been fun, it’s just that I wasn’t able to get my errands, baking, decorating, and shopping done on the weekends as I normally would.  Therefore, I would use my lunch hour and after work hours tending to all that other stuff. I’d be up to 1:30 in the morning sometimes.  It took me 6 hours to bake 45 cut out cookies and ice them, 

but I have to say, I’m quite proud of them.  I’m getting better at them.

Today is finally the day I can slow down and enjoy the festivities that all these preparations have led up to.  I won’t be going back to my home state to be with my family, like I did last year.  I do miss my children and family very much, but they are in my heart and soul, and I’m going to try to send a Christmas vlog to them.  I’m excited to open up the gift my kids had delivered to my office.  I’m not allowed to open it until Xmas, so I cheated and opened the card.  And so glad I did.  I love my kids.

YouTube Preview Image

This year I’ll be spending Christmas Eve with TZ, my boyfriend, who some think is simply a figment of my imagination.  His brother will get in from Tampa somewhere around 2 am.  I’m planning on building my Gingerbread house tomorrow while TZ grills the bird and the guys watch football. I ran out of time, and searched high and low for a Gingerbread cookie cutter set. I refused to buy the kit….pfft that’s the easy way out!

I finally found one at Michael’s Craft Store. And believe me when I say it was the last one! But like I said, I ran out of time.  As a Christmas Miracle would have it, one of our investigator’s that works for our office, came in to the office yesterday and gave a few of us girls Gingerbread kits. Oh happy day!

I plan on spending the day lounging around and basking in all the wrapping paper mess and morning mimosas, followed by chocolate peppermint martini’s in the afternoon and all the Turkey and stuffing and cheese ball and crackers, and cookies…etc. my belly can hold.

However, tonight TZ and I are spending together. I have the whole evening planned (at least in my head, I know it probably won’t play out like the picture in my mind.)  I’ve planned a special lasagna dinner for us (home made of course.)  I’m even throwing a little romance in there, Santa cap and all, with a bottle of wine and something that starts with an L and ends with an E! And it ain’t love my friends.  By the way, it counts as one of his gifts!

I wish you all a Blessed and Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.  I hope Santa is good to each and every one of you.  I’ll also be remembering our Troops and public service men and women who won’t get to spend this Christmas with their families. Thank you for all you do and your dedication to your Country and profession.  “God Bless us, Everyone!”

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16 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2010

  1. Starts with l and ends with e, but isn’t love. I’m stumped, but it is early. Merry Christmas, Sherri! I hope you, TZ, and his brother have a great holiday. Enjoy that bird!
    The girls woke up at 3:30am. Tom asked them to go back to bed til 5am. That didn’t work. So here it is, 6am, and it’s all over. LOL!

  2. Wow, 3:30! You must be exhausted! I know, all the preparations we make and it’s over in a matter of minutes, at least the gift part of it.

    Jean, another clue is it’s something we women hate to wear, but our men love to see us in. And it’s non-returnable once it’s worn!

    Merry Christmas! I’m being lazy all day.

    • Angelia, Thank you. My b/f is so good to me. Along with all the other great gifts, he bought me an Air Line voucher to purchase tickets to fly home and visit with my family. I’m excited! Happy New Year!

    • I had a great Christmas Tim. Thanks. Hope you did as well. My son is a US Marine and recently returned from Afghanistan in October. I remember when he was in Iraq on Christmas a few years ago. It was harder on that day than any other and he admitted he felt depressed and slept through it. I give them more props than mere words can express.

  3. Sherri,
    Big thanks to your son as well as all the other sons and daugthers who served.
    A special big thanks to the parents who endure, for I think they (you) endure the most.


  4. December was a blur for me, too. I spent most of the month back in Atlanta, and I had a great Christmas Eve — all 3 of my children spent the night at my house, and we curled up on my bed with my 3-legged Australian Shepherd and watched a movie together. I know what you mean about missing your kids — I miss mine, too, but there’s something about knowing that they’re doing well and leading happy, productive, self-sufficient lives that makes me smile. Happy New Year!

    • Grace, that is a very valid point, which makes me feel better. I don’t know about you but I was so engrossed in the whole Christmas rush and traditions that I’m now experiencing “PHB” (Post Holiday Blues.) I don’t know what to do with all my free time now…lol

      Happy New Year to you as well.

  5. Christmas is a humbug! The less I say about it, the happier everyone will be.

    In Canada, we have Thanksgiving in early-mid October. I think the extra separation and having Halloween in between acts as a buffer that preserves Thanksgiving’s integrity as it’s own distinct holiday. Because it is so close on the calendar to Christmas, US Thanksgiving now serves as nothing more than the official kick-off to the insane, competitive, chaotic bullshit that poses as a celebration of peace and harmony. Peace indeed. If anything, it’s the opposite.

    And what’s this about TZ being a figment of your imagination? If so, I’m sure that will further improve my (already fantastic) odds of falling victim to a Cougar attack the next time I’m in Florida.

  6. Sedate Me. Yah, I know, my sister is married to a Canadian and they have a second home in Canada and go every year for their Thanksgiving holiday.

    This cougar won’t be on the prowl any time soon…lol. A few of the girls at work started a running joke about that because I talk about him all the time and refer to him by his initials and no one ever really sees him. So they say he’s a figment of my imagination. However, I put that rumor to rest at the office Xmas party. He’s very private. Doesn’t do the whole social networking kinda thing and he’s a smart nerdy (but cute) guy. I love me some nerds! lol

    • So, you’re a cougar who is attracted to men who are smart, cute, like their privacy, hate social networking and use assumed names. And your familial genetic code is attracted to Canadians.

      Yeah, I feel safer already!

  7. Sedate me, I don’t really consider myself a Cougar. Far from it! I like a man more my age. My b/f’s 4 years younger than me, but I don’t really consider him one of my cubs! lol

    • I’m somewhat of a Cougar expert who’s always trying to expand his knowledge.

      You’re right. A four year age gap doesn’t qualify (other than as a wannabe who’s not quite bold enough). A possible exception with a 4 year gap would be if you’re in college and he’s still in high school. But that would actually make you a Puma, aka a young Cougar in training. (And it also probably would have made him even happier than he is now.)

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