Bertolli Vodka Sauce Chicken & Peppers Penne Pasta

I’m not usually one to eat pasta sauce from a jar, but recently my sister shared one of her easy jar recipes and swore it was delicious.

One lazy Sunday afternoon, (is that redundant?) I decided to try it.  She was so right.  It was an instant hit with me. And it was from a jar and didn’t suck.

I’ve made some tweaks of my own to the recipe.  It’s great for the crock pot too, but I prefer to cook it slow over a flame on the stove. It’s a great quick dinner after a long day at work.  Most times, I grill the chicken breasts, but you can sear and sauté the chicken, peppers, and onions in a pan as well.

Ingredients you will need (will serve 2-4)

1 pound of skinless boneless chicken breasts or strips

1 small red onion (diced)

1 small orange or yellow pepper (diced)

2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (if searing chicken in a pan.)

If grilling chicken- marinate the chicken for a few hours or overnight in a garlic & herb marinade.

1 Jar of Bertolli Vodka Sauce

1/2 -3/4 pound of your favorite pasta. (I like to pair mine with Barilla mini penne pasta.)



2 teaspoons of minced garlic  (fresh is great but in a pinch minced garlic in a jar will do just fine)

Directions: If not grilling chicken then add EVOO to frying pan and heat on medium heat until hot. Add minced garlic and chicken breasts. Salt and Pepper to taste. Add peppers and onion pieces to top of chicken. Sear chicken until brown on both sides.

Once brown on both sides remove chicken from pan. If you feel there is too much oil in bottom of pan spoon it out. Don’t wash that pan. You will want the juices from the chicken and the seared goodness to marry with the sauce.

If you are grilling your chicken breasts, (George Foreman grill will do also) depending on how thick your breasts are, grill them for about 3 minutes (turning 90 degrees halfway) on each side.  Sauté your peppers, onions and garlic for a few minutes in a large frying pan on medium high heat. Pour vodka sauce over peppers and onion.

Don’t overcook your chicken breasts on the grill.  You’ll actually want them to be a tad pink in the middle. It’s fine, it will cook in the sauce.  Slice your grilled chicken. Add to sauce.

Place over medium low heat (use a flame tamer if you have one.) Stir occasionally and simmer for about 20-30 minutes so all the flavors come together.

Cook pasta according to directions on box. I cook mine just shy of al dente. It’s going into the sauce and will cook a bit more. This allows for it to be just riiiight. Strain pasta and add to vodka sauce.

A delicious dinner made easy. And from a jar.

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  1. avatar

    I’ll have to try it… I normally just have the vodka and get sauced!

  2. avatar

    Miikell, I use alcohol often when I cook. Sometimes, I even use it in the food. Ahahahahahahahaha I’m killing myself!

    It really is tasty. Enjoy 🙂

  3. avatar

    That sauce is ALL we use in our pasta dishes. I absolutely love it! Your recipe sounds really delicious. I am a big pasta fan. The only thing I like better than vodka sauce is what they call pink sauce – alfredo and red sauce – yum! Now, I’m hungry. 🙂

  4. avatar

    You’re totally right that dinner does look delicious thanks for the great recipe! So glad I came across your blog! 🙂 will be back often!

    • avatar

      Angie, (@ The Fitness Apple) thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog as well, but was away on vacay, “I’ll be back!” 🙂

  5. avatar

    I love the Newman’s Own sauces, especially the alfredo. Cook up some linguine, add shrimp and sauce- Voila! As a bachelor, I need to know how to make something other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  6. avatar

    As an Italian, it is shameful to admit that I use jar sauce. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the freezer space for my own handmade sauce anymore. I like Bertoli and there are a few Trader Joe’s sauces I will doctor up as well. Thanks for the recipe post Sherri!

    • avatar

      Gigi, I don’t think we have a Trader Joe’s here. I really want to check that place out. I see people blog or talk about it all the time. BTW… you sure have a lot of blog contents going @ one time! I’ll try and stop by and enter a few. Your email about the Blanket give away cracked me up!

  7. avatar

    Sounds really delish. That vodka sauce sounds really interesting too. Never heard of it before

  8. avatar

    Vodka sauce, never heard of that before, i’ll have to try it out

  9. avatar

    I can make this! Thank you for sharing. I do like jarred sauce, and you’ve added fabulous ingredients!


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