How To Add A Paypal Donate Button To Your WordPress Blog

Some of you may have noticed that I have a Paypal donate button on my side bar. No. I don’t actually expect payment for my blog.  I was helping out a fellow blogger figure out how to put one on her blog so she can reach her goal of collecting money to attend a NYC Book and Blogger’s Convention.

With that being said, I decided to just go ahead and post a blog with the instructions I gave her, since when you Google how to do it, the instructions are wrong. WordPress can be tricky at times. With much trial and error I figured out a way to succeed. I thought I would share that with anyone who was interested.

It comes in handy for selling items on your website or donating to charities. You can also post a Purchase Button but then you just choose the particular button you want at Paypal. I’ll be taking the button down shortly but will leave it up for demonstration purposes.   There are quite a few steps but if you follow them exactly it should be quite easy.


Sign into your Paypal Account
Click on the Merchant Services Tab
Under the “Create Button” heading on the left hand side click on the Donate link
Go Down to the Donate Button and Right Click on the Donate Button and Save the GIF Image Donate Button to your computer (you will need to do this in order for your button to work… will get to that step later.)
Scroll down the page and click the “Create Button” image
This will generate a code but you don’t want the code. Click on the Email tab to the right of the Website Tab you will see a URL code.

Leave as is for now or copy and paste that code and save somewhere or leave page open and come back when ready.

Now go to a site that you can generate a URL with your Paypal Donate Button Image GIF that you saved. ( I use Photobucket)
Upload Donate Button GIF to site (Photobucket)

Sign Into your WordPress Blog
Click on Dashboard
Click on Widgets
Find the Image Widget and Drag it over to your other Widgets on you Sidebar
Click on it and Name it (ie Help Me Reach my Goal)
Go back to Photobucket and Drag your Cursor over your uploaded Donate Button Image and copy the Direct Link Code
Paste Code into the Image URL Space in your Widget
Go back to your Paypal and Copy your Email Code
Go to very bottom of Image Widget and Paste email Code into the Link URL Space
Click on Save. Make sure to click on Save button.

Now open up a new Tab Window and check your Blog to make sure it posted. It should take you to a page where people can donate their chosen amount right into your Paypal account.

Hope that helped anyone that was wondering or searching how to add a Paypal button to their blog.

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    Well good golly! It’s really not that hard is it? Sharing what you know is never a bad thing and it is an excellent idea for selling stuff or raising money.

  2. avatar

    Angelia, “sharing is caring…caring is sharing!” 🙂

  3. avatar

    Even though I probably won’t do it you gave a good step bys step explanation

  4. avatar

    thanks so much

  5. avatar

    Thanks Sherri! I am setting up the above blog to raise money for a friend in need, and was looking for how to do this. Your instructions walked me through it perfectly. Thanks so much! This is a great post, please leave it up! 🙂

    • avatar

      No problem Angie. You’re very welcome. Took many trial and errors to figure out, but once I did it…I thought others would like to know also. Best of luck on your fund raising.

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    Your instructions were the second instructions that I tried. The first did not work at all so I went back to the search and luckily found your article.

    Thankyou so much for a well written instructional guide! I carefully followed your instructions and was able to put a donate now button into my blog in under 15 minutes!

    Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge!!


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    Katrina, you’re more than welcome. Hope you reach your goal and the donations pour in! 🙂

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    Thanx so much for your excellent written instructional guide. That is what i was looking for !


  9. avatar

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while!

  10. avatar

    Lifesaver!!! OK maybe thats over the top but this was doing my head in!!!

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    You are so awesome!!!!! Seriously, I have to thank you. I promised myself I wouldn’t get off the couch today… Then I decided I could quickly add a donate button to my site and it led me down a miserable 4 hour path to utter frustration. Finally I found you…You saved me in the nick of time! Thanks!


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