Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

This past weekend was opening weekend for MLB baseball fans all across the country.  What’s the best part about a baseball game?  The gram slams? The pop fly and foul balls that unexpectedly fly into the crowd as the fans battle to catch them? How about the singing of the traditional “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” tune during the 7th inning stretch? Nope, none of that compares to that first bite of a hot dog loaded with relish, ketchup, and mustard hot off the grill all nestled in a toasty bun. Wash it down with a side of chips and a sweet soda or ice cold beer and you’ve got yourself one happy fan.

That’s exactly what I did this past weekend.  It was a beautiful 80 something sunny day Sunday and perfect for tailgating before the Marlins vs. Mets game. My boyfriend and I feel we can cook better for less and actually enjoy it more.  It’s not that we’re against paying the prices for food or drink at the concessions but the quality of the food is horrible. It tastes worse when the cost is 3x as much.

I’m a big germaphobe too. I recently read an ESPN story how dirty and germ infested professional stadiums are. All across the country they were inspected by Health Departments which found high bacteria levels and cockroach infested kitchens in some areas. That’s pretty gross! We did however buy some beer and peanuts.  A ballgame isn’t a ballgame without an ice cold beer and some salty nuts while watching the game.

I’m more of a baseball than football fan.  I like going to most professional sporting events, but mostly to people watch.  I understand baseball better than other sports. Maybe because my dad was a Pirates fan and spent summers watching baseball and back in the day most homes had only one television, so you were watching what the parents put on.

The game ended up going into an extra inning and the Marlins lost to the Mets 6 to 3 And after the game Miami’s own Mr. 305 (Pitbull) played a short concert on the field.  I had a great time and look forward to going to more games and tailgating of course.  Truth be told, that’s my favorite part.

Do you tailgate or buy food at the concession stands?

Do you people watch the fans more than the game?

Did you attend an opening MLB game this past weekend?

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    Not a pro game, but we did attend a college baseball game this past weekend….the Gators (our team vs. Tennessee. It was a lot of fun! My parents went with us and my dad freaked because a bag of popcorn was $3. LOL

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      It was still a baseball game DM…so it counts. I get so frustrated with the prices of concession stand food. If it was at least good I could see handing over my hard earned money for it. But really, how bad can they screw up popcorn?…and the peanuts come in a sealed bag. I did look around the food stations where fans get their condiments and they were absolutely disgusting. Relish mixed in with the mustard and ketchup. It was a bacteria cest pole I tell ya!

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    Hehe quite right . True most homes back in the day had only 1 TV set and kiddos had no option other than watching the channel which is put on by parents. It was cool anyway for me. Well I’m not a baseball fan but I do love football . I do buy stuff from pantry but that’s only when I have terrible hunger pangs.I prefer to much on salted peanuts just like you do!
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      John, thanks for stopping by 🙂 and commenting. Always a treat to see a new face and unexpected comment. I’ll be peeking over at your blog as well. Thanks again 🙂

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    Ewww, why does everything have to be so dirty?
    I haven’t been to a ball game in YEARS! Used to watch the Oakland A’s when I lived in that area. Can’t remember what I ate/drank, but know I had a great time. Loved the 7th inning stretch, the dot races, all kinds of things going on that aren’t televised.

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      Jean, you don’t even want to know how dirty most public places are. Even the grocery store is littered with bacteria and germs lurking in every crevice and even on your cart! I’m glad that my grocery store supplies anti bacterial wipes throughout the store. That’s one reason why I love Publix!

      I loved being at the baseball game it was great! Ready to go to some more. My daughter’s coming for spring break so I think we’ll take her to a game. 🙂

      Jean, time for a blog!


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