Collections of Last Year’s Cakes and Cookies Creations

I thought I would share with you some of my creations that I don’t always blog about. Some I just share on my Facebook fan page. I seem to have a problem with lighting when photographing so I am working on that.  That’s probably why some of these don’t make the cut to a blog.  This owl cake and matching cupcakes were for a 2 year old’s birthday party.  One of my co-workers recommended me to one of her ex co-workers and next thing I knew I was baking and decorating an owl cake and matching crazy cupcakes.

I literally had no idea how in the heck to put an owl on a cake, but I pulled it off! By some unknown miracle I pulled it off! While everyone else was shopping on Black Friday, I took the whole day and did my cake.  The cupcakes were a breeze and came out so cute. Don’t ya think?

These cupcakes were for a 16 year old’s birthday party. I did chocolate and vanilla with a simple vanilla cream cheese buttercream on the vanilla and an almond cream cheese buttercream on the chocolate cupcakes. Gotta watch those peanut allergies though when making cupcakes for unknown people. Luckily, I warned the person I made them for and we avoided an anaphylatic shock.

I loved the zebra pattern cupcake liners. I did a rose and hydrangea piping technique. So fun to do. I’m definitely making these again.

Here are some cookies I made for a co-worker who just adopted a baby boy.  Sleeping babies with accent rose buttercream cookies. How. cute. are. these?

I made these Elmo cookies for my 2 year old nephew.  For some reason I couldn’t locate my camera and had to photograph them with my phone. 

Some summer watermelon cookies. I actually used watermelon juice in the frosting. When people bit into them they said “Oh my gosh, they really taste like watermelon!”

After those two bad lighting photos I feel I need to redeem myself with my Christmas cut out cookie photos.  I had so much fun decorating these this past Holiday Season.

How about some warm woolen mittens?

This was my first poinsettia buttercream piping try.  I LOVE the way it turned out.  This Christmas 2012 I’m going to put these on everything!  So easy to make.

Can you tell I love Christmas? We don’t get snow here in South Florida so I have to make my own snowflakes.

Fall is probably one of my favorite times of the year. Halloween is always a fun time to bake and decorate.  I made these for one of my friends to give to her nurse who took care of her.  Being a nurse, I can tell you we nurse’s always appreciate when a patient appreciates the care given to them.  Nothing says “thank you for a great job” quite the way a cupcake does. These were chocolate pumpkin spice.

I love the way Fall leaves make me feel. I think I captured that inspiration on this red velvet and cream cheese frosting.  It was after I photographed this photo that I learned how to smooth out buttercream.  Why I didn’t think of it before I decorated the cake, I’ll never know.

Still I was happy with the way it turned out.  I’ve got to work on my lighting in my photographs, but I love the way these fall inspired colors pop off the cake.

And last but not least, a red velvet cake with strawberry filling. I love the way this cake turned out.

I’ve never been formally trained in baking or decorating. I may not be the best baker or cake decorator, but I give it everything I have. There is no better way of learning than trial and error. I have passion for it and I love doing it. It’s what makes me happy. My little slice of heaven.  Sometimes you just have to say what the heck and dig in!

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    I like the cake on the first photo. it looks so funny but yummy.

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    That strawberry filling looks incredible!
    Not only are your creations beautiful, but so is your photography!


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