Mini Cakes in Tin Cans and Other Easter Projects

Who would have ever thought these cakes could have come from…

that’s right, tin cans. Found the idea on Pinterest.  By the way am I the only one that needs a “Pintervention?”

I hope you all had as fun an Easter as I had. I spent the whole Easter weekend doing Easter projects.

Let’s see, I kicked off Good Friday putting together this beautiful Peeps Floral Centerpiece. Then Saturday, I moved onto making these cute Easter Bunny folded napkins. I couldn’t find the color of pastel linen napkins I wanted. So I went with some large paper napkins I scooped up at Party City.

Here is the instructional video from Better Homes and Gardens

Then I baked my mini cakes in the tin cans and boiled my eggs for coloring.  Had to put the finishing touches for the cakes and egg coloring aside until Sunday, as it was time for some sushi at RA Sushi Bar.  All work and no play, makes Sherri a hungry girl!

Sunday morning I colored the eggs and started on my mini cake decorating.

I cut the cakes in thirds with a serrated knife.

Next I filled in the sections with frosting.

On a side note, check out the cool blue plastic plates I scored at Target for $2.49 each. I’m so addicted to kitchen dishes and gadgets. Not that this has anything to do with cake decorating.  Well, maybe it does, because my caked looked pretty AWESOME on that plate!

Next, I dirty iced my cakes (means you put a thin layer on before you decorate with tips or cover with more frosting to get a clean cake. This layer catches all the crumbs.)

I used Witon tip #22 (small open star tip) and #47 (basket weave tip) and #233 (grass tip) for decorating the two cakes.

Here is a great video for piping a basket weave pattern.

I used one side serrated and one side smooth and interchanged the two for a different look.

Then I pipped the easter grass on top of the cake and finished it off with some Reese’s Pieces Easter eggs.

Now it was time to move on to the ombre cake, a gradient color schemed mini rosette pattern using the #22 open star tip.  I used an orange buttercream that went well with the chocolate fudge cake.

I started out with a deep orange around the bottom and lightened the frosting as I worked my way up the cake pipping small rosettes. Here is the finished product.

It was getting close to dinner time. I headed outside while I still had a few hours of light to photo shoot my cakes.

This cake looked at it’s best in the natural light.

I love how the Easter basket cake peeked around the rosette cake.

It was time for the Easter basket to shine in front of the rosette cake.

I hope you all had a great 2012 Easter. I’m already looking forward to next Easter trying out some different projects.  Maybe a Peeps Easter wreath… or two!

What projects did you accomplish this Easter?


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    the cakes look absolutely awesome – nicely done!

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    So beautifully done! I love this idea.


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