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Folks, I apologize. Today, there will be no recipe post. Well, technically, it CAN be considered a recipe post. It’s just not for consumption. Today, I’m sharing something very personal with you. Modesty pretty much went out the window on this one.

Today I’m here to talk about Do-It-Yourself Body Wraps. Months ago, I began seeing promotional body wrap “Before and After” photos in my Instagram and Facebook newsfeed. My first reaction was both cynical and skeptical or what I like to call…Cyneptical.

“Yeah, right!” I blurted out loud to myself. No way in hell those before and after photos were possible. Retouched! I tell you. Retouched! Nothing more than scammers trying to persuade me to hand over my hard earned cash for false promises of a flatter more toned abdomen.

The inquisitive person I am, I began searching the internet for stories and bloggers with before and after photos of those who used professional wraps such as spa wraps or those who ordered online at home wraps. From what I saw, most of them appeared to get results. Where do I sign up!

The more I read, the more I wanted to try a wrap. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m a big fan of organic ingredients. I’m also a HUGE fan of Do-It-Yourself and thought if I could research the ingredients, I could probably do this at home on my own. The professional wraps reminded me of plastic wrap anyway. Now there was one item I already had. One of the name brand at home wraps cost nearly $120 for four wraps. I also read that many people were suckered into buying them on a monthly basis. I read some people were spending up to $500/month. Not sure about you, but I have better things I could be doing with my money.

I initially had to make a little investment for items such as an electric heating pad and some quality ace bandages that were large enough to wrap my buddha belly, but that investment is going to go a long way. No pun intended.  Most of the items, I already had in my cabinets.

Let’s get into the theory of body wraps and the purpose they serve. First and foremost, these wraps are TEMPORARY and in no way should be substituted for a healthy diet and exercise. They are a great (and temporary) quick fix if you need to quickly lose inches to slip into that little black dress or need to look your best in a bathing suit. I had a family wedding to attend, and I had been meaning to test out if they really worked or not. So this was the perfect opportunity for me to try them.

I also must stress that before you even try a wrap that you make sure you are very well hydrated. Especially, if you are using either sea salt or epsom salts, as they draw water from the body. I typically drink near a gallon of water throughout the day. I also drink at least 8 oz of water during my wrap session.

Please don’t think that downing a gallon of water before your wrap is the answer. Drinking large quantities of water in a short time period could be detrimental to your health. It could cause a severe condition called Hyponatremia, (water toxicity) where your body’s electrolytes become off balance which can lead to muscle breakdown, a condition known as Rhabdomyolisis. As well as a whole array of other serious health problems such as brain edema and kidney and liver failure.

Results are going to vary from person to person as well. That being said, the theory behind the body wrap is to

1.) Detoxify the body of free radicals and harmful chemicals and pollutants that we ingest or absorb through our skin daily. This can be accomplished by using sea salt or epsom salts, (salts pull water from the body) essential oils, and other organic ingredients such as green tea with caffeine to stimulate circulation. Cacao powder has very little caffeine in it contrary to what some think, but it has a whole boat load of anti oxidants. So as your pores are opening up drawing out toxins, it’s simultaneously allowing for absorption of the anti oxidants which help fight free radicals. And who doesn’t want that?

2.) Exfoliate the skin. Using a combination of course salt and other organic ingredients can greatly improve the skin’s appearance by sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing younger skin below the surface. It can also improve some skin conditions such as acne.

3.) Moisturize. Using organic skin lotions or ingredients such as raw organic coconut oil can greatly add moisture to the skin and helps with the regeneration of skin cells. Adding a heat source will intensify the moisturization process by opening up pores to allow absorption.

4.) Relaxation. Make it an at home spa day if you can. I relax and read while I sit with my heating pad. Some people stay active while they are in their wraps, but I prefer to sit still with my thoughts and sip my water. Avoid the temptation to relax and drink alcoholic beverages. That’s what got me into this position in the first place. Baby steps…

5.) Quick Cellulite and weight fix. Overall, you are losing water weight, so naturally you are going to weigh less. The appearance of cellulite is diminished giving the skin a more toned appearance. Both benefits are only temporary. It’s the compression and heat that bring the result. Please be careful not to wrap to the point where you can not breath. This can cause severe circulatory problems. I wouldn’t rely on this method for your go to weight loss program. I would hope that everyone researches what they are doing and use this technique in a responsible manner that can benefit you if performed correctly.

Here is what you will need.

The Kitchen Prescription Ingredients for DIY Body Wrap

Body Wrap Items and Ingredients:

Electric heating pad or homemade rice sock that can be warmed in the microwave

2-3 six inch Ace Bandages with clips (I suggest you steer clear of the self adhesive bandages, as they can cause skin tears.)

Quality Plastic Wrap

Small bowl for mixing ingredients

Sea Salt or Epsom Salt

Coconut Oil

Organic Caffeinated Green Tea Bags

Organic Cacao Powder

Essential Oils

8 oz. Water to drink

*I recommend a large towel for standing on, as the ingredients can be quite messy. I also recommend wearing old clothes as the coconut oil can stain.

Directions: In a small bowl, combine 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil. 1/4 cup sea or epsom salt. 1 teaspoon essential oil of your choice. Cut open the organic green tea bags and them to mixture. Add 1 tablespoon organic cacao powder. Stir ingredients until you have a thick paste formed.

Stand over large towel and have your plastic wrap and Ace bandages readily available. *(You can soak your ace bandages in warm salt water if you’d like, however, I found this to be too messy. Your heat source is going to be the electric heating pad or a microwaved rice sock. ) Spread the mixture onto your abdomen starting near your pubic line and working upwards toward your breast line. Rub the mixture on with an exfoliating glove if you’d like. The coconut oil is going to melt and run down your legs.  So bear with the uncomfortable feeling. Once you’re wrapped snugly it won’t be as bad.

Next, take the plastic wrap and begin at your pubic line area wrapping the plastic snugly around your abdomen. I say about 5 or 6 wraps should do the trick. Tear and secure. Now wrap your abdomen using the same process with the Ace bandages and secure.  It typically takes me two Ace bandages. Your wrap should be very snug, but not to the point where you feel your circulation is being completely cut off or you feel as if you can’t breathe. Put on an old t-shirt and pair of comfortable exercise pants or bath robe.

Find a quiet area and either lay down or sit comfortably in a reclining chair. Turn on your heating pad or microwave a rice sock and place over your abdomen. Do not put heat source directly on bare skin, as this could cause serious burns. Make sure you are sipping your water throughout your wrap session and drink at least 8 oz of water. Make the experience as relaxing as possible. Dim the lights, put sliced cucumbers dipped in organic honey on your eyes, listen to soft music, read a book, or simply meditate.

I typically leave my first wrap for two and a half hours. More than 2 to 3 hours after the first session is overkill. For the second to fourth wrap, I recommend one and a half hours.

When it is time to take everything off, it’s best to stand in the shower or back on the towel to disrobe all your items. Before you shower off, give the skin another good exfoliation with wet hands or exfoliating glove. Shower off and use an organic moisturizer or oil.

Below are my results. Before and After Wrap #1:

Body Wrap Before and After Wrap 1- The Kitchen Prescription

Hot damn! It really worked. Note to self…Do not ever use the self stick Ace bandages again. Owwwza! Pulling that off was not fun. I invested in two quality Ace bandages with clips for my next wrap.

Comparison Wrap #1 and Wrap #2:

Body Wrap #1 and Wrap #2 Comparison

Before Wrap 1 and After Wrap #2:

DIY Body Wrap Before and After

This is where I think I had the best results. During the first wrap I soaked my bandages, but as I stated above, It was very messy and uncomfortable to sit in. I cut out the messy wet bandages and used an electric heating pad for Wrap session #2. I also changed up my recipe a bit and added more detoxifying ingredients.

Wrap #2 and #3 Comparison:

DIY Body Wrap Before and After

As you can tell, the best result was initially after the second wrap. I used the remainder wrap sessions as maintenance wraps before I traveled home for a family wedding.

Wrap 3 and 4 Comparison:

DIY Body Wrap Before and After

Front View Before Wrap #1 Before and After Wrap #2 :

DIY Body Wrap Before and After Front View

I can’t believe I’m showing this. That front view photo is pretty awful. I look so bloated. I’ve got the buddha belly thing going on here. I warned you there was no modesty; however, I can see a significant difference after the second wrap.

*** None of my photos were edited. I took them with my iPhone directly after the wraps. I also stood relaxed. There was no pushing out or sucking in of the belly. Who would that have benefited? I was trying to see if the wraps worked. Clearly, doing that would have skewed by results.

Before and After First and Last Wrap Comparison:

DIY Body Wrap Before and After First and Last Wrap

I can see an overall difference in the diminished appearance of cellulite and a more toned stomach. Sadly, I didn’t measure before or after any of my wraps. I was initially testing to see if it worked, and for me, the proof was in the pictures.

The next time I perform a wrap, I will definitely measure my before and after results. The wraps can also be used on the arms and thighs. I haven’t tried either, but I can tell you I have some pretty gnarly bat wings, begging me for a wrap session. In addition, I’m getting back to the gym and focusing on my eating habits. These are all big factors in looking and feeling your best.

If you decide to try this, I hope you see beneficial results as I did. Again, I encourage you to do your own research and perform the wraps responsibly and safely. If you have ever tried a DIY wrap or professional wrap. Let us know in the comments below.  Sharing is caring.

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    Body wraps are amazing. I recommend at least trying it once, but results become more consistent if you maintain by using them sort of regularly. They have done wonders for my skin, stretch marks and cellulite. I like to use them before vacations to slim down quickly. Check out, thats where I found tons of helpful information when researching body wraps. I think its good to be educated especially before trying body wraps! 🙂

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    I am very anxious to try your regimen . Your results are fabulous. How much time do you recommend between sessions, for optimum results and how often can/should you do it? I am on a weight loss plan and I can see how this would be very beneficial to help keep skin toned so as to not get flabby.

    Thanks for the reply.

    • avatar

      Hi Donnamarie. I recommend you base it on what works well for you & your schedule. I did this a while back and I want to say I did 4 sessions over a week and half. I would spread the sessions out every 72 hours. Being that my results lasted about 3-4 weeks, I personally wouldn’t do any wraps again until I felt I needed them. I recommend thorough research on your products as well.

      At the time of my wraps I definitely was not not eating as healthy as I am now. I’m also exercising 3-5 x weekly. I’m getting ready to do more sessions now that I’ve drop a few pounds. Like you, I’m looking to tone up those flabby areas and reduce the look of cellulite.

      Let us know how it turns out for you.

  4. avatar

    Ok, I’m sold! I’m heading to Costa Rica in a few weeks, definitely wrapping before I leave. Hopefully I will have the nerve to blog my before and afters, too. If I do, I will link back to your recipe. Which essential oils did you use? And you said you switched up the recipe to include more detoxifying ingredients – is this reflected in the recipe posted?

    • avatar

      Hi. Yes, the recipe listed was my amended version. I used Now brand peppermint essential oil, but you can use whichever essential oil you choose. You can find them at your local organic market or GNC. I included a link below for reference to many ingredients and herbs that you can make your recipes from. It has detailed explanations of what each one does. The combinations are endless. It’s a great reference. Also, check out the references int he first two comments above.

      Have a great time on your trip!

      • avatar

        Thanks so much for the response! Headed to the organic aisle today…will let you know how it goes.

      • avatar

        The 2 best for wraps, IMO, are juniper and rosemary.

        Juniper (Juniperus osteosperma and scopulorum) – Has been used for centuries as a diuretic and is excellent for relieving fluid retention. Renowned for its detoxifying and purifying ability, Juniper essential oil clears waste, promotes excretion of toxins and increases vascular circulation.

        Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) – Rosemary increases warmth and stimulates blood circulation and is especially useful for circulatory problems of extremities. It’s really incredible for combating fluid retention and lymphatic congestion making it very effective for cellulite and obesity.

  5. avatar

    I wanted to knw if I could use plastic garbage bags instead because I can’t afford saran plastic right now. Is this also beneficial ?

    • avatar

      Hi Claudia. I can’t say 100% for sure, but plastic is plastic right? So long as you have a way to secure them, I’d image they would probably work just as well. The plastic nearly holds in the mess and generated heat, so it seems logical. I’m alway improvising, so I admire that. Let us know if it worked out for you!

    • avatar

      Be careful with using plastic
      Garbage bags because the chemicals they make them with can be very harmful to your skin if in direct contact for a long period of time.

      • avatar

        Kyra, that’s an excellent point. Thank you for pointing that out. I’m always so conscious of what I put in my body that I sometimes forget about what’s going on it.

        Thank you!

    • avatar

      I intend to use compression shorts and skin tight tank top instead of ACE wrap to hold things around my waist…and eventually my alternative for the plastic wrap will be beeswax coated 3″ cloth – just paint melted beeswax onto one side until the cloth until it is well absorbing d into the cloth (DIY online) OR just buy an inexpensive sauna suit. A simple alternative to plastic wrap, a $1 plastic rain poncho – take scissors to it and create plastic sheeting strips.
      But a roll of the least expensive plastic cling wrap is $1 or so…but if if all you have access to are plastic garbage bags use ones that are a unscented and believe it or not you CAN find food grade liners, think crock pot bags or so the bake a turkey in the oven bag. Best of luck.

  6. avatar

    It really works, wow this recepie is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. avatar

    Hi! Love the results you posted. I just came across this. I have a vegas trip planned at the end of march and have been working put at eating well. I’ve lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks and now only have a week until my trip. I was on group on and saw deals for laser lipo, which reminded me of body wraps. I want to use this recipe for a full arm thigh and stomach wrap. Is there any special way to add the ingredients or should I just double the recipe? I was also thinking of adding bentonite clay . Lastly, the number of tea bags us not specified, is it the whole box?
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • avatar

      Hi Kay. Sorry about that. I used 2 green tea bags. I cut the contents open and added it to my mixture. There is no special order. You can double the mixture. I do believe I always have plenty left over; however, it is up to you.

      People have gotten results with just using lotion, but I prefer the other benefits of the organic ingredients. If you look at the other comments above, there are some link references to sites that explain some great ingredients use can supplement.

      I believe I left a great link reference in my response to the last comment above yours. It is a great site that suggest ingredients to use and their benefits. Congrats on your weight loss!

      I just recently did another wrap a couple of weeks ago and used my warm organic coffee grounds in place of the green tea along with the other ingredients. It smelled wonderful.

      Wish you all the best and safe travels.

      • avatar

        Aww, thanks so much. I’m really happy I came across this and will be visiting often for your helpful tips! Thanks for answering so quickly!

  8. avatar

    I do not have the cacao powder and essential oils. Can I do it without them or substitute them for something else?

    • avatar

      Hi Lara. You don’t need them. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry & don’t want to make a mess or huge production out of it, I just slather some lotion on & wrap! I still get results, but my results vary from time to time as well.

      I have used warm used coffee grounds in place of the cacao powder. It smells delicious! The essential oils are also not that big a deal.

      Hope this helps. Happy Wrapping!

  9. avatar
    Jeannie Neff

    How many green tea bags did you use in your recipe?

    • avatar

      I just saw it > Thx

      • avatar

        I used two I believe, but feel free to use the amount you would like. There really is no right or wrong way of doing a wrap. As you continue to do the wraps, if you find they work for you, you will see that you’ll begin to experiment and interchange and use other ingredients, such as I find myself doing.

        Happy Wrapping!

  10. avatar

    Can’t wait to try this! Ramping up my outdoor running and hiking drain and feeling very sausage-like in my workout clothes. Hoping this will take some of that away so people don’t think there’s a bratwurst running up the trail! When you used coffee, did you slip the green tea?
    Thanks for the sleuth work 😉

    • avatar

      Hi Cynthia. I did skip the green tea when I used the coffee. It really doesn’t matter though. Feel free to use the ingredients that work best for you. I like to continually experiment by using various organic ingredients and I’m constantly switching up the recipes. Sometimes, I just slather on a quality lotion and do a quick wrap and work out on my elliptical for 30-40 minutes.

      Thanks for commenting. Happy Wrapping!

  11. avatar

    Sorry for the typos.

  12. avatar
    Katie L

    Hey! Thank you so much for the recipe! Could I mix a large quantity of the ingredients to use over a 2 week period or should I mix them fresh before each wrap? Thank you!

  13. avatar

    Just curious if you weighed yourself before and after and what the scale said you lost?

  14. avatar

    Hey I just came across this and I’m very interested in trying this ..I also wanted to know how long did it take you to see results ?

  15. avatar

    I noticed an English breakfast tea that had a higher caffeine content in it, so I got that in addition to the green tea. Which do you think is better?

  16. avatar

    Did you end up trying this again? Just curious about any change in measurements!
    Could you update us, please?! 🙂

  17. avatar

    I read this and a few articles about the body wraps. I was wondering how many areas I can wrap throughout the two weeks? I was hoping to to do the areas and alternate every 72 hours. For example: stomach on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday, thighs on Thursday, then back to stomach on Friday. Is that too much?
    I was also wondering if you only put the mixture on your problem areas or the entire area you wrap?

    • avatar


      I put the mixture on the area that I was wrapping. To date, I’ve only done an abdominal wrap. And yes, I personally would alternate my areas every 72 hours or so. Don’t forget about hydration. 🙂

  18. avatar

    When’s the best way to apply the ace bandage? I have heard put it over skin then apply saran wrap or just over saran wrap ….I’m confused!!

    • avatar

      Lorene, I apply the the ace bandage over the saran wrap. The saran wrap helps to hold in the mess of the mixture as well as helping to retain heat. That way, I don’t have to wet the ace bandages. I’ve tried that method and it’s very uncomfortable and messy. So to recap, I put the mixture on my desired area, wrap snugly with the saran wrap, and then secure with the ace bandages. Hope that helps.

  19. avatar

    OMG! It worked for me! Thanks so much for posting. I was totally skeptical of these wraps and certainly didn’t want to pay the big money for the commercial ones. So I did some research and liked what I saw on your blog and tried it out. A little on the messy side with the cacoa, but not bad at all. Husband wrapped me up in Saran Wrap and I put on some high fitting spanx instead of the bandage. Left it on for 2 hours and the results were. . .A total of 5 inches lost across my mid-section! Skin looks and feels better too! Will definitely do this again and on other parts of the body. Drank a lot of water and jump-starting motivation that I needed. Thanks!

    • avatar

      Marilyn, thank you for sharing your experience as it helps others to decide if they want to try it or not. So glad you had positive results. I agree it can be quite messy, that’s why I stand on a big old towel and wear old clothing and don’t worry if it gets ruined.

  20. avatar

    Does this also help with stretch marks? And how long does the results usually last?

    • avatar


      It may reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but I doubt it will make them disappear. Each result is also individual. Mine results lasted a couple of weeks.

  21. avatar

    Hey just wondering if you can eat whilst using the wrap?

  22. avatar

    What type of essential oil did you use or recommend? How long did you leave wrap on for?

    • avatar

      I used peppermint oil. You can find at any health store or Whole Foods or order online. You can uses just about any essential oil, just google their health benefits and you will see what each one does.

  23. avatar

    Can you use table salt? I don’t usually keep sea or Epsom salt handy. Is there a difference?

  24. avatar

    Trying this right now! Are the first couple steps necessary? Cause I just did the lotion and plastic wrap. I didn’t have any bandages so I used duct tape..

    • avatar


      In a time crunch, I myself have also used lotion and plastic wrap. The reason for the mixture is to detoxify. You don’t always have to do it, but it’s great to detoxify the body with natural ingredients as opposed to applying chemicals in the lotion which introduces more toxins to the body.

  25. avatar

    Thank you I am posting this on my facebook and cant wait to try it!

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  27. avatar

    Good day,

    How many inches did you lose?

    thank you.


  28. avatar

    Can you use iodized salt?i know that iodine is a necessary nutrient that we need but does it work?

    • avatar


      I encourage you to do a bit research on table salt vs. sea salt and come to your own conclusion. I personally prefer sea salt or epsom salt as it is as close to organic as possible. The wrap is also to detoxify, hence I like to use as many organic ingredients as possible. If you don’t want to use sea salt or find that wasting it in light of it’s expense then maybe purchase some epsom salt at your local drug store. It’s just as effective as sea salt. I hope that helps.

  29. avatar

    Hi there I did the mixture but it’s not blended it feels grainy and some stays on the body and some flajes

    • avatar


      Yes, it’s supposed to feel grainy, that’s what exfoliates the skin. Try lying down to apply. It’s a very messy process. That is why I uses lots of towels and wear old clothes.

  30. avatar

    Can you use cocoa or does it have to be cacao?

  31. avatar

    Did not work. Skin feels soft but zero results

  32. avatar

    How many days In between until you did the body wrap?

    • avatar

      Hi Erika. I honestly can’t recall off hand. It’s a over a year and a half since I did this post. I think I commented on that in the post. Maybe run through it again.

  33. avatar

    I have been looking for a DIY wrap, but everything I’ve found basically just gets rid of water weight. If you’re wrapping your stomach in plastic wrap and applying heat, how do you know that the inches you’re losing isn’t just water weight?

  34. avatar

    I accidentally forgot to put cacao powder I’m the mixture and have already more than started putting it on will it still work?

  35. avatar

    Did my first wrap today tell you the results tonirror

  36. avatar

    Can vapo rub be used as an essential oil and a heating compound in the mixture? What do you guys think? Maybe I’ll try it and let you know. I am excited to try this. I never thought of using a heating pad. Thank you for this post. I always knew there was a DIY wrap that’s not only affordable but effective and efficient.

  37. avatar

    why do you use coco powder?

    • avatar

      Pippi, Cacao powder has very little caffeine in it contrary to what some think, but it has a whole boat load of anti oxidants. So as your pores are opening up drawing out toxins, it’s simultaneously allowing for absorption of the anti oxidants which help fight free radicals.

  38. avatar

    So ive tried the expensive wraps, have hesitated to get them again due to costs. Im also an aromatherapist so have a ton of essential oils and carriers in hand. I did the same mixture as you but added Cayenne Pepper to it as well as various essential oils that I know are beneficial. Because all these ingredients cause a selenium deficiency, I added a few drops of selenium to my mixture. As i sit an write this, without a heating pad – Im getting the same results as ItWorks wraps 🙂 without all the aweful costs. Ive made enough of a mixture to do at least 2 bodies or 2 wraps, cost $0.45cents 🙂
    I can tell Ive already lost inches. 1st wrap!

    • avatar

      Please what kind of essential oils can you clarify. Is it cayenne pepper in powdery form

  39. avatar

    Was it itchy for anyone else?
    I’m one of those people who’s skin is super sensitive so I’m curious if its normal of if maybe something in it is causing a bad reaction.

    • avatar


      Oh no. So sorry. I don’t recall being itchy, but I know there was a sense of uncomfortableness & messiness to the whole process. Who said beauty ever came without pain? What we women go through, am I right?

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  41. avatar

    Coco butter lotion or cream works well too and is less messy. I find it helps more with the stretch marks if they are “new”. Using green tea and mint tea help reduce inflammation, coffee helps open pores and stimulate circulation.

  42. avatar

    Has anyone found an alternative to Saran Wrap? I’d love to try this and the results look great but Saran Wrap is a pretty toxic material and I’m hesitant to wrap my body in it then apply heat. Any suggestions?

    • avatar

      Anna, you’re absolutely correct! I didn’t even consider the toxins in the plastic wrap. Yikes! You can just use the Ace wrap and maybe use an old spanks to seal all the messy drippings. Maybe someone has a better alternative. I haven’t done another wrap since this post. Lately, I’ve been going at it the old fashioned way, diet and exercise.

  43. avatar

    Please can I use table salt instead of sea salt. And is the bandage really necessary or can I wear a spandex over it. Can I use a plastics bag to wrap it instead of saran wrap or those drycleaning bags. Please answer its urgent. And can I wear the wrap and exercise or to sleep.

  44. avatar
    Tkeyah Taylor

    Hello, what are the measurements for the mixture? Teaspoons, cups etc?

  45. avatar
    Tkeyah Taylor

    Nevermind just found it! Thanks lol


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