Why Does Trip Advisor Take Down Negative Reviews?

TripAdvisor once touted itself as the “World’s most trusted travel site,” but quietly removed the words “trusted” and “honest” from it’s site, and now refers itself to the “World’s largest travel site.” It removed those words apparently because of multiple law suits that were filed in several countries. That was in 2013.

Fast forward to 2017 and TripAdvisor was in hot water for taking down reviews pertaining to a Mexican resort, posted by a woman who was sexually assaulted and wrote reviews and warnings to others. Other reviews written by several women about other resorts and their sexual assault experiences and warnings were also removed as well. The reviews were written several times over and repeatedly taken down by TripAdvisor.

Shame of your selfish corporate self TripAdvisor! That is despicable! What’s even worse is that I have first hand experience with the same thing happening with regard to a horse riding accident I had in May, 2017 which resulted in several broken bones and at least one surgical procedure so far.

While I was laid up in the hospital recuperating from that traumatic ordeal, I began researching the business we used to to book the trail ride. Imagine my surprise when I came across the above review posted about our group’s accident.

Then there’s the review below where I initially thought was also about me. Give me a break, I was on round the clock pain killers recovering in a strange hospital bed 3 hours away from home. However, a couple of days later, I realized another accident had occurred about a month before ours. Shut the front door!


That poor woman. Whoever she was, I deeply felt for her. I was thrown onto gravel and an ant pile, so I knew the pain she was probably going through. Her husband also posted a review on the horse farm’s Facebook page which I found posted in Birdeye reviews. The blue Facebook link in the review also took me to the review he posted on their Facebook page when I clicked on it. However, if you search the page, it’s been removed.

Just goes to show you nothing ever is truly erased from the internet.

To add insult to injury, TripAdvisor subsequently took down the reviews posted to their site. Why? I have no idea. They also only removed the reviews about injured riders, not about people complaining how this place canceled rides and wouldn’t refund them their money, or how the guide only spoke to one of the rider’s boyfriend and completely ignored her. Yada yada yada.

When I went back several weeks later to look at the reviews again, they all had been scrubbed from the TripAdvisor site. Why those dirty sons of a motherless goat! Never fear, this ol gal didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. What I am glad I thought to do, even in my drug induced stupor, was to take screen shots of every review online either about our accident, or someone else’s.

How in good conscience can TripAdvisor remove a review that could put someone’s life at stake? Riddle me that TripAdviser. Who know’s how many other reviews they have removed about this particular business. Or how many other people out there in the world who have had negative experiences and shared them to warn others only to have their reviews removed. Or even know why? Why TripAdvisor? Why!!!?

In our case, could it possibly be the owner requested to have them removed? I can’t say for  certain, but it is a possibility. According to another review I found on Google Maps, the owner clearly didn’t like what the person below had to say about our group’s accident.

The owner’s response? Waaait fooooooor iit….

Wait! What? Hold up! Back up! Let’s break this down shall we? “We have operated for 6 years and have a stellar record.” Lies! All lies! Even before our accident happened, a month prior there was a similar accident where the lady’s horse took off running and threw her to the pavement.

What really upsets me about this is when all of us were lying injured on the ground, I distinctly remember the owner coming to the park to see what happened. One of the equestrian good samaritans who rushed to our aid was up in her face saying to her “You knew these horses weren’t trail ready! I saw her pulling on the reigns to try and stop the horse, she did everything right! You knew these horses shouldn’t be out here.” He looked over at me lying helpless on the ground  with a broken leg and shoulder and said “I saw you do everything right!” It was apparent he was very upset with her.

To which she replied, all innocent I might add, “Nothing like this has ever happened before.” I didn’t know it at the time obviously, but when I saw the review about that woman being dumped on the pavement, I immediately remembered those distinct words coming out of the owner’s mouth. So yeah, liar liar pants on fire.

It was also obvious from other reviews that other people were starting to realize that this wasn’t the only incident.

Now let’s just break this down one step further. Two of the above reviews stated that the farm “allegedly” took out the same group of horses for another trail ride later that day and the horses became skittish again, and the group had to dismount and walk the horses back.

Are you fucking kidding me? You just had a major incident where 4 of your riders were transported to the hospital via ambulance and you “allegedly” take the same group of horses back out only a few hours later!? The horses “allegedly” ran back to the farm crossing a busy street to get there. Can you imagine if someone was being drug by one of those run away horses across a busy street? Gah! I can’t!

And this lady maintains she has a stellar record. To that I say BULLSHIT!  I now have more than enough proof that his lady is a liar. But just in case you were wondering, I also found this little diddy last night while perusing the TripAdvisor reviews for the horse farm.

Hopefully, this man sought some medical care for his daughters and had them checked out. I hope they are ok. Getting thrown from an uncontrollable runaway horse is very traumatic. It’s scary to see that this place has had 3 similar type accidents in the last year and continues to operate. They already have some serious type injuries on their hands. At some point someone is going to be maimed or killed. Who know’s how long the above review will remain on TripAdvisor. You can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

I’m ending this here, but this isn’t by any means the end.

P.S. I’m not always a bitch…just kidding, go fuck yourself TripAdvisor!









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    This is horrible! There is no excuse for TripAdvisor pulling the reviews. Thank you for standing up to get the word out about this practice, and the negligence of the horse rental facility. I wish something could be done to protect the public.

    • avatar

      Jean, I find it really hard to trust anything on TripAdvisor anymore. Had they left up the reviews, there’s a good possibility the lattest accident wouldn’t have happened.


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