Homemade Cinnamon Heart Lollipops

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is almost here. When I was lying around with a broken leg, it seemed as if time literally stopped. Now that I’m finally walking, time is flying by again. The stronger I get, the more time I’ve been spending in the kitchen. Although, I still tend to overdo it at times. Enough about my bungled leg. Let’s talk Valentine’s Day treats.

Cupid hit me with his arrow and inspired me to make some cinnamon heart lollipops. After all, nothing says “I’m stuck on you” better than a cinnamon lolly. Every Christmas I make old fashioned hard tack candies in various flavors. I love making hard candies. I love the smell, the taste, and the happiness it brings me when I’m in my zone in the kitchen.

If there’s two things that are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, that’s cinnamon and hearts. And chocolate, but this recipe doesn’t have any chocolate. I just happened to have some silicone heart molds lying around that I picked up at Target a few years back and some left over cinnamon oil from Christmas candy making.

You can switch out the heart molds for lips or XO molds. Anything geared towards Valentine’s Day really. Get creative. You can also use different flavors if cinnamon isn’t your thing. Cherry or Raspberry would also be great flavors for the pops.

My mister tried to inform me that I put the sticks in wrong. If he only knew I planned it that way. I gave him my furrowed eyebrow stare down and he backed off before he or I had to say anything more. Now that’s true love. Is there a rule that says the sticks have to go in the bottom anyway? I like my lollipops!

Before you begin making the lollipops, you may want to read over the detailed instructions on how to make the candy here. I find it best to read over the instructions and follow along with the photos before you begin, because the candy tends to set quickly once it’s poured in the molds. I also share some important tips with you that you’ll want to know.

Homemade Cinnamon Heart Lollipops
Recipe type: Candy
Serves: 24 pops
I cinnamony treat for Valentine's Day.
  • 2 Cups white sugar (I use organic white sugar)
  • ¾ Cup water
  • ⅔ Cup light corn syrup
  • ½ tsp red food coloring
  • Lor Anns 1 dram (bottle) cinnamon oil (note*** oils are much stronger than the flavorings and if you prefer a less cinnamony taste use half a bottle.)
  • Quality candy thermometer
  • Sturdy deep nonreactive pot
  • Wooden Spoon or silicone spatula
  • Silicone heart candy molds
  • Lollipop sticks
  1. ****IMPORTANT**** Have all your ingredients and supplies prepped and ready to go. Read through entire post before starting. Sugar is extremely hot and can cause serious burns. Keep an ice cold bowl of water handy in the event of any small burns. This cooking task is not recommend for small children.
  2. In a sturdy, deep, non reactive pot on medium heat, add sugar, water and corn syrup.
  3. Attach candy thermometer on side of pot, careful not to touch bottom of pan.
  4. Stir mixture with a wooden spoon or silicone spatula until sugar melts and becomes smooth.
  5. Stop stirring just short of boiling point (212 degrees)
  6. When mixture reaches around 200 degree mark it will begin to bubble up over pot.
  7. Watch carefully and remove from heat, until the bubbles subside.
  8. Replace back on medium heat and DO NOT stir after this point.
  9. Let mixture reach 260 degrees and carefully pour in food coloring.
  10. Do not stir. Bubbles will disperse the color.
  11. When mixture reaches 300 degrees, turn off heat and remove pot.
  12. Let stand about 20 seconds then stand back and carefully add flavoring or oil as stated above.
  13. Stir the mixture to evenly disperse the flavoring/oil.
  14. Transfer mixture to glass liquid measuring cup
  15. Pour mixture quickly and carefully into a mold that can withstand more than 300 degrees of heat
  16. Place pan and spoon/spatula and thermometer in sink and fill with hot water to soak
  17. Let the candy cool and firm up for a few minutes before placing the sticks .
  18. Place lollipop sticks in center of heart. If the sticks begin to lean keep adjusting until they stay.
  19. Let sit until completely cooled.
  20. Remove lollipops from molds and wrap in plastic wrap and secure with a tie

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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