This weekend I attended Sunfest in Palm Beach. Friday night we went with some friends to hang out and caught some of the Collective Soul concert.  Saturday we had previously bought some reserved seats to see Tonic and The Gin Blossoms.

As with any outdoor event, you already know to expect the bathroom facilities won’t be…let’s just say..”up to standards.” This event was so crowed, the above picture illustrates what half the males were doing outside them anyway.  Oh yeah, let me wait in line for that!   


Friday night I happened to get in the wrong line to use a facility I thought looked more decent than the smelly and less desirable Port A Potty. Upon approaching the front of the line I was asked to pay $7.00 to use the facility.  “To freakin’ pee?” I asked.   

“Mam, you’ll get a wristband to use the facility all night. Trust me you don’t want to be standing in that line over there.”  

My eyes glanced over to catch a couple of people peeing and puking in between some of the infinite rows potties.  Quick decision. I pulled out my cash and gladly held out my wrist for my bracelet.  




Can I just tell you that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made? By all outward appearances one would think they probably smell just as bad and had paneled interior… And pardon the pun here… pretty crappy on the inside.   



I was wrong.  Exquisite! I thought I died and went to potty heaven.  The best part of it all was there was a sink to wash my hands. The air conditioning was an added bonus because let’s face it,  nothing can quite mimic the smell of heated vomit, urine, and poo!    


I applaud the genius who thought to cash in on people’s bodily functions!  Once you VIPEE it, nothing can ever compare to this outdoor public facility.    

So the question remains…would you pay the money to be part of the exclusive VIPEE group or stand in line for the free Port A Potties?    

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