Fall Cut Out Cookies


Fall. One of my favorite times of the year. The change of colors, the cool crispness in the air, the smell of pumpkins, apples, and cinnamon. I absolutely can’t get enough of it.

This post is best described with few words.  Fall should be enjoyed for it’s scenery and beauty. (Plus I’m just too lazy to post all the pictures individually tonight…hehe.) You can find the recipe for my cutouts and buttercream frosting here

Happy Fall Everyone!


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    I love your decor on the cookies!! They are so inviting and festive.

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    Hello fall cookies! Get in my tummy!
    I love this time of year too.

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    lol Jean. I need to send you some cookies!

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    I just got your box of these exact cookies and they are just wonderful! My family is going crazy for them–in fact, I only got to eat 2 of them, lol.

    We just spent 15 minutes looking at all of your old recipes, and even my little Aspie was intrigued and impressed with your work. They asked me if you are a famous chef, and I told them YES!

    Thank you for sending all of us such a thoughtful and tasty gift. You are a rockstar to all of us now. Keep up the good work and let me know when you start selling your famous baked goods!

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      Gigi, I’m so glad you got them. I was kinda worried since I mailed them snail mail, how they would arrive. Next time I know to throw them in a big ziploc bag for prolonged freshness. I’m glad you and your family enjoyed them. And thanks for the compliments and telling your kids I am a famous chef. Haha that’s hilarious!


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