Peeps Easter Centerpiece

Spring has sprung! It’s been a long Winter for most of you.  Daffodils, Crocus’, Hyacinths, and Tulips are in full bloom. A long awaited reprieve from Winter.  Spring is also synonymous with Easter.  Therefore, Easter is synonymous with Peeps.

Bring a taste of Spring inside your home by gracing your Easter dinner table with a beautiful inexpensive Peeps floral arrangement. This arrangement was inspired by Pinterest.

It’s easy to assemble. Here is what you will need:

Glass Vase

Bunny Peeps

Jelly Beans

Pastel colored Reeses Pieces Easter Eggs (or M&Ms)

Spring silk flowers (if you use real flowers add a smaller vase inside big vase with fresh water)


Open your bags of jelly beans and Reese’s Pieces easter eggs. Separate colors.

Layer colors on bottom of vase.

About 1/2 way through, place your Peeps around side of vase.

Layer rest of vase inside Peeps.

Place flowers stems inside vase and arrange

Finish layering on top of Peeps until vase if full.

Get creative. Experiment with vibrant Spring colors and candies! Knock the bunny tails off your Easter dinner guests with this lovely Spring Peeps floral vase.

The best part? You can eat the contents of the vase. But keeping everyone’s fingers out of the vase until Easter dinner might be tricky. Hoppy Easter Peeps!

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  1. avatar
    Tatiana K.

    Very colorful and attractive. Where did you get the flowers? I also like the color combination of the eggs.


    • avatar

      Tatiana, thank you. I actually purchased the flowers at the dollar store! Next year, I think I will use real flowers. I did this at the last minute.

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  3. avatar

    it turned out awesome – love it!


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